Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lemon Ice Cream

Lemon Ice Cream
I tried making the Lemon Meringue Ice Cream recipe from my Gourmet cookbook the other day but it didn't turn out as planned. I scrapped the meringue because I added 3 egg whites instead of 2 so it didn't crisp up enough. As far as the ice cream goes, it turned into scrambled eggs (even though I did everything right!) so I had to strain it 4 times and lost some of the egg in the process. However, I managed to save it and the taste was pretty impressive. This ice cream has quite a zip to it and tastes kind of like an intense frozen lemon curd. Very tasty.

My ancient ice cream maker is finally starting to give out on me so I was hoping some of you, readers, would have a suggestion as to what ice cream maker I should ask for (my birthday is coming up and I have hinted to my mom that I could use a new one). Anyone have a favorite brand?

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Maureen said...

There are some very expensive ice cream makers but the one I like best is the cuisinart maker. The bowl is put in the freezer (keep mine there all the time when not in use). Helps to have an extra bowl in case one wants to make 2 flavors. The bowls are also removable to wash. The expensive one I had before this the bowl could not be removed making washing a harder problem