Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Cream Cheese Ice Cream
Yet another attempt at making ice cream with my ancient ice cream maker. This time it worked but I didn't like it. Turns out I don't really like cheesecake/cream cheese flavors. My husband, on the other hand, enjoyed this cream cheese ice cream with blackberries and whip cream.

The nice thing about this ice cream is that it's extremely quick to make since it involved no eggs. As always, I replaced the milk and cream with half-and-half (but I still followed the directions exactly). You might want to scrape down the sides of the ice cream maker after a minute or two to keep the ice cream from sticking to the sides.

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Dianka said...

Looks good to me, Kady! How are you? Hope you have a great weekend! Let me know when you drive through our neck of the woods =)