Monday, July 03, 2006

O'side Fair

Oceanside beach
What are you doing right now? Unless it involved good food, sun, waves, and good music--get yourself down to the Oceanside Street Fair!

O'side Street FairThe street fair is right past the Carnival and on the hill overlooking the beach. Down by the beach is a stage where they had really good music during our visit. There was a great blues band that sang a song called "Don't Steal my Jellyroll!" No, they weren't singing about the cake, they were singing about those women with big "bootylicious" booties (of which I am one of them; at least for a white girl). It was very entertaining. I hope they'll be back tomorrow.

O'side Food Vendors
My husband and I only went for an hour this afternoon to grab some dinner but we'll be spending much more time there tomorrow. We found several craft booths with things for the baby's room and a few nice things for our house. Check out the paper cutting booth (I believe it's Japanese) where she sells amazing paper cut designs and embroidered Asian art (hard to explain, you have to see it, though).

My main goal was to get some good food while we were there. After passing numerous sausage stands we picked one where the sausages were grilled in the open (so I could be SURE they were good looking) and they must have had at least 5 types of sausages. Tonight we split a bratwurst but tomorrow I must try the kielbasa (so tasty looking). I used to get teased a LOT in college about how much I love sausages (especially wursts). Yes, it's immature but you know college boys.

Post to be continued because blogger is being stupid about photos.....

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Kirk said...

Hi Kady - Perfect weather to be outdoors for a fair! Look forward to your future posts!