Monday, July 03, 2006

O'side Fair continued

Please read the O'side Fair post first as this is a continuation.

My husband getting us a funnel cake

Ever since I read Alice's post about the San Diego fair I've been craving a funnel cake. I knew they would have funnel cakes at the Oceanside street fair. There must have been at least 4 funnel cake stands.

We chose Mimi's funnel cakes because they looked good and were right by the bratwurst stand. I got a funnel cake with powdered sugar ($5) but they had other toppings such as fruit or honey. Definitely worth 5 bucks.

Funnel Cake

Since it was so hot today and I'm assuming will be again tomorrow, I plan on getting some Hawaiian shaved ice or a cool drink during our next visit. The fair also had Greek, Hawaiian, BBQ, Asian, and more types of food for sale. I even saw mixed drinks served in whole pineapples.

So, if you decide to go the fair tomorrow, perhaps I'll see you there!

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