Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Mexico/Arizona

Anyone have any restaurants they recommend in New Mexico or Arizona? I think we're taking the 40 one way and the 10 back. We'll be staying in Albequerque for a few days and we're going to try and stop by the Grand Canyon on the way out there.

If you have any tips for good eats alone the way please let me know asap (we leave early Monday).



Carolyn T said...

I've visited New Mexico several times. Have stayed in Albuquerque for a conference, and it was just okay. There probably are some good restaurants there, but I never found them.

However, Santa Fe is another story. LOVE that town. Have been there 4-5 times and would go back again just to eat! Here are my recommendations there: (1) Cafe Pasqual's, 121 Don Gaspar; great Southwestern fare - the chef/owner is reknowned for her innovative food. No reservations, casual, but go early for a meal and the wait won't be long. Breakfast is sensational, though they do 3 meals a day; (2) Santacafé, 231 Washington. Make reservations here. Expensive, but fabulous - I'll call it SW fusion food; (3) The Inn of the Anasazi, 113 Washington; earthy but upscale SW food - was first introduced to Calabacitas there - now make it regularly at home (it's a vegetable combo to serve as a side dish). The restaurant is part of the hotel, but right on the street. Very nice ambiance. Make reservations there too; (4) you can try Coyote Grill - it's Mark Miller's restaurant - have eaten there three times, and last time was disappointed. Don't eat the Mexican food, but go to the upscale restaurant side and have some of Miller's avant garde SW food. Or just go there for a drink, as it's a very pretty place.

Of the above, only Cafe Pasqual's is on the lower price scale and it's so worth a wait to eat there. The others are more pricey, but at least try one of them. So, all that being said, I'd bypass Albuquerque altogether and go to Santa Fe. There are lots of neat hotels and B&B's there. Try to stay within very easy walking distance of the main square. It's a hassle trying to park, and you'll be glad you can just walk out of the hotel and get around. If you're into Nambé ware, there is an outlet store there. Also don't miss the Chile Shop (next door to Cafe Pasqual's) which is fun (great gifts). If you have time you can attend a class at the Santa Fe Cooking School (you can find it online, as well as all the other places I mentioned). If you want hotel recommendations, email me and I'll tell you what I like and don't like. Santa Fe is not inexpensive, but if price is a serious consideration, I'd stay at least one night there and try to spend the day of and the day after going between good meals, then leave and spend the other nights someplace else. Taos is another destination (I believe you have to pay to even see the pueblo now), but it's not as well known for the food. Santa Fe also has a wonderful street that's an art walk - can't remember the name of it - lots of galleries with very pricey art. And there is a Georgia O'Keefe museum right in town too. Very interesting. And then there's the flea market where the Native Americans sell their wares on the square. I think they're there every day of the week. Have a bunch of fun!

Gourmetish said...

Unfortunately we have to stay in Albequerque but if we have time to eat in Santa Fe (and if it's on the way) I'll try to go to Cafe Pasqual's. My mom's paying for everything on the trip so we have to be fairly thrifty. I'll keep all of your recommendations in mind, though. If we don't get to Santa Fe this time I'll try to go next time I'm in NM! Thank you for your tips!

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