Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake

I thought I would continue my chocolate obsession by posting about my husband's birthday cake. I knew he wasn't a huge fan of cake like me. We prefer tarts, pies, and pastries to regular cakes. So I decided to make a cake that doesn't taste like cake.

This flourless chocolate cake recipe comes from my trusty Baking Illustrated cookbook and is very simple. When I told friends and family that I made this cake they were perplexed (although I'm not sure why, hasn't everyone heard of flourless cake?); what holds the cake together? Chocolate of course. 1 whole pound of it. Then there are the 8 eggs and stick of butter. It's baked like you would bake a cheesecake and they recommend to serve it the next day after chilling in the fridge.

I must say, this cake tasted better each day that passed. The cake is extremely rich and will last you a long time if you don't have many family members. It really is heaven for chocoholics. To sum up the cake in a few words: chocolate mousse in cake form. So good.

While I know it's a bit rich for spring and Easter/Passover, it's such a great dessert when you have company coming over. Or if you're really depressed. Or if you're really happy. Or angry. Okay, you get the picture. It's damn good.

As a side note, I used Trader Joe's pound chocolate bar. It's affordable, tasty, and easy (no measuring required).


jef said...

Looks pretty good. I've used the TJ's pound plus bars a bunch in the past and they always worked out for me.

Next time you bake the flourless cake, try making them in ramekins or, if you have them, 2" cake rings. They tend to look prettier before you cut them :)

Gourmetish said...

Thanks for the tip, Jef! I'm guessing I would need to lower the cooking time if I bake them in ramekins, right?