Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pulled BBQ Pork

I can't believe I've gone my whole life without a slow cooker. This magical piece of equipment is every busy person's miracle. It's also great for lazy people like me!

Recently I acquired a slow cooker of my very own and gave it a try the other night for dinner. Since dinner is anywhere between 9pm and 5am at my house due to my husband's schedule, I thought the slow cooker would work perfectly for a late night snack. I popped a pork shoulder roast into the cooker around 5pm and it was ready by midnight. Then it took about a half hour to shred and I cooked it for the next three hours until my hubby got home.

Sprout's (otherwise known as Henry's or Boney's in San Diego) carries a really good mini sourdough roll that is perfect for mini burgers or mini pulled pork sandwiches. If you want to have a truly authentic Southern BBQ sandwich you should put some creamy coleslaw on top of the pork.

Mini Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich on Sourdough Roll
Notes on this Pulled BBQ Pork recipe:
  • I cooked the roast on medium-low for 8 hours but could have left it in for several more hours to make it even more tender.
  • Honestly, I'm not sure if the whole cloves made a difference. They smelled great when I pulled the pork out of the pot but I can't really tell the difference in flavor. If you don't have whole cloves, don't worry about it.
  • I didn't include the chopped onions because I only had one onion for the whole recipe. I put a half of each onion (sliced) on the top and bottom of the roast.

    Pulled Pork in Slow Cooker


MM said...

Ah, welcome to the slow cooker side .. LOL. I love mine and have been using one since I was 10! Which was a long time ago!

Actually whole garlic cloves become very mild and creamy when braised like this thus Chicken cooked with 40 cloves of Garlic is much less scary than it sounds. If you want a more pronounced garlic taste, you might want to roast them before adding to your pork. It gives a very smokey, garlicy yet creamy taste to the dish.

vanessa said...

i am such a slacker. i got a slow cooker a while back and still haven't used it. though they're really popular here in utah. folks even make cakes with them. and the strangest part about that is that the cakes are really good. go fig.

Cyndi said...

I LOVE my slow cooker, and have lots and lots of recipes--I just need to use it more! Thanks for the great pork recipe.

Sue said...

I use my slow cooker all the time. Just pulled pork the other nite. Will try your recipe next time. I love BBQ!