Sunday, April 09, 2006

Leucadia Pizza

My husband and I are desperately trying to find a 2 bedroom apartment to move into in May or June. Yesterday we took a look at one of the last options we have and weren't impressed. So we decided to get apartment hunting off the mind and take a drive down Coast Highway and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

We decided to take a walk around the town of Encinitas and take a look at some of their vintage clothing stores. HOME had the best vintage clothing for both men and women. They have both used clothing and store-designed duds where they buy used clothing and paint on different logos. My husband ended up buying a blue buttoned-up shirt with a skull painted on the breast pocket that is really cute (I mean, bad-ass).

Since we were in Encinitas we remembered that Leucadia pizza was nearby and started craving their gourmet pizzas. We had been once before around the holidays and were very impressed with their goat cheese pizza with pineapple, peppers, bacon, etc.

Leucadia Pizza's garlic bread
Just like our previous visit, we managed to eat almost 2 baskets of their (free) garlic bread. It's totally addictive. So be warned. We were barely able to eat our salad and pizza.

I'm trying to be better about eating salads as often as possible and Leucadia pizza makes it really easy to stick by that resolution. They have many types and sizes of salads including Greek, apple and walnut, and a Green salad. We opted for the green salad with a honey mustard dressing made with grainy mustard. The half-sized salad was only 4 bucks and provided 2 servings each.

Green salad with honey mustard dressing from Leucadia Pizza
I was tempted to get the goat cheese pizza again but we decided to be a little more adventurous and ordered the Shrimp Pesto pizza with thin slices of tomatoes and sundried tomatoes. It almost tasted like a pesto pasta with shrimp. The best part about this restaurant is that they have so many sizes of all their dishes. The "small" pizza easily serves 2. We almost had to take some of it home. So we had a huge dinner with garlic bread, salad, and pizza for around $14 (plus tip, etc.). Not bad. Leucadia pizza definitely gets the gourmetish seal of approval.

Shrimp Pesto Pizza from Leucadia Pizzeria

Leucadia Pizza
315 S. Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 942-2222

Also at:
7748 Carmel Mountain Rd.,La Jolla/UTC, (858) 597-2222
12075 Carmel Mountain Rd., Carmel Mt. Home Depot Center, (858) 675-2222
16085 San Dieguito, Del Rayo Village Center,Fairbanks Ranch, (858) 759-2222


Kirk said...

Hi Kady - It's amazing how a decent slice of 'Za can make your day a whole lot better! Best wishes on finding decent housing....

Dianka said...

Very nice blog! It's nice to know that I have fellow food-bloggers close by. I live in LA but grew up in OC and went to school in SD. I will definitely have to give Leucadia Pizza a try, it looks yummy!


honkman said...

I highly recommend Pizzicato for excellent pizza in Enicitas and SD (best pizza I found in SD so far). A small chain with much better quality of ingredinents than Leucedia:

Gourmetish said...


I'm surprised you don't think Knockout/Bronx Pizzerias are the best. They make the best NY pizza I've had on this coast so far. Besides my own pizza, NY-style is my favorite.

The thing about pizza is that there are so many good pizzas that are SO different from each other. While Leucadia isn't my favorite, it's a nice change of pace every once in a while. I prefer Knockout for a general pizza craving but I also like Oggi's pizza when I have a specific craving (They have a really good pineapple and canadian bacon pizza as well as a great shrimp pizza. I'm also obsessed with their Oggi sticks)or for one of their beers.

I'll have to try Pizzicato. Their pizzas are a little too pricy for me but the menu looks really interesting. Their paninis are affordable and sound very tasty. Also, I'm always looking for new beers and their website says they serve microbrews. Sounds like a fun place to try! Thanks for the tip!

honkman said...

I think I like Neapolitan style pizza more than the NY style. (Perfect pizza has to be as thin as possible). (I highly recommend Peter Reinharts book as the bible about different pizza styles and recipes). I also wasn't so impressed with the quality of the ingredients at Bronx Pizzeria, which wasn't bad but also not as good as expected. The salads at Pizzicato are in addition also very good, e.g. Arugula & Ripe Pear Salad.
If you like Leucedia Pizza you might also visit Today's Pizza and Salad ( which has similar dough and thickness as the Leucedia pizza.

CreditMom said...

What I love about pizza is that it's inexpensive if you cook it yourself. And I don't know a single person who won't eat pizza. And Leucedia or not - well, pizza is supposed to be made of leftovers:) that's the idea