Saturday, March 11, 2006

Knockout Pizza

I am finally feeling more comfortable living here in North County, San Diego because I have a NY Pizzeria to satisfy my NY pizza cravings.

Knockout Pizzeria is located in Carlsbad and according to google it has several more locations (Oceanside, San Marcos). My husband and I first tried Knockout after a walk on the beach. They offer a deal where you get 2 slices of pizza (the first time we had tomato basil and pepperoni) with a drink for $5. Not a bad deal but it's more like a snack than a meal. My husband and I laughed pretty hard when we read that one pizza is supposed to feed 3-4 people. We easily go through one pizza ourselves and are always disappointed when there are no leftovers. A pizza is 16" and goes for around $16-18. The crust is really thin so we're able to eat a lot more pizza than we could normally.

We've ordered 2 pizzas since that first visit. Both times we got the tomato basil pizza because it was so satisfying. They make this pizza with garlic and olive oil instead of tomato sauce and have plenty of chopped basil on top of the pizza with thin slices of tomato.

If you've never had NY pizza and live out here; try it! There's nothing like it. I find it addictive. While I love other pizza places like Oggis and Leucadia pizza (my favorite is still my own pizza), I grew up on NY pizza and can't live without it. Thank goodness for Knockout Pizzeria.

(The guy who started Knockout Pizzeria used to work at Bronx Pizza in San Diego on Washington St.).

Knockout Pizzeria
2959 Carlsbad Blvd.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Note: They only do free delivery if you live within 4 miles.


Kirk said...

Hi Kady - I recommended Knockout to a friend of mine who lives up in Carlsbad, and they love it as well.

Anonymous said...


Gourmetish said...

Sorry, the pizzas ARE 18" (I can't edit that post since it's old). I didn't realize I wrote 16". I'm guessing the person who just sent me that comment works there. Oh, and Knockout Pizza is located in several places. I recently ate at the San Marcos (Nordahl) location and was equally impressed. This last time I had a four cheese pepperoni pizza that was delish. Their $5 for a drink and 2 slices can't be beat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all of the posts about Knockout Pizzeria. I am Kelly, one of the owners of the Mira Mesa Knockout Pizzeria location (6755 Mira Mesa Blvd - near the food court, under the stairs). We are a bit tougher to find than our Carlsbad brother, but I have put plenty of maps on our website

Our pricing here is a bit different - hopefully you will agree it is better for you... We have the same 18" whole pies - but we have the unlimited toppings for only $16. Cheese pies are $13.50. We have slice specials for lunch & dinner too.

Please say hi next time you are in!!!



Anonymous said...

best pizza I've ever had!!!