Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shrimp Banh Mi

Shrimp Banh Mi
I know I've mentioned this sandwich several times in the past and I just know that you all are dying to get the recipe.

Fortunately the recipe is online at Eating This magazine has really surprised me. I think eating healthy is extremely important but it's not always that easy to come up with innovative cooking recipes when limiting fat, calories, etc. Eating Well does a really good job at mixing it up. Their recipes are interesting and satisfying. Their Shrimp Banh Mi is, while not authentic by any means, delicious.

A few notes:

1.) Tonight I used very large shrimp but I actually think that smaller shrimp work better for this sandwich.

2.) Personally, I wouldn't make this if you don't have plain yogurt. While an authentic banh mi has only mayo, the yogurt is healthier and makes the consistency moist and much tastier than just plain mayo.

3.) Add the 1/4 t. of cayenne. It gives it a nice kick without being spicy.

Cucumber and Carrot Slices in Rice Vinegar
4.) I use my Kyocera slicer to slice up the carrots and cucumbers. I also add the cucumbers to the bowl of rice wine vinegar (although I've just been using rice vinegar). While it sounds like I'm being paid by Kyocera, I'm not. I truly think their mandolines and julienne slicers save LOTS of time and effort.

5.) 99 Ranch Market makes the BEST "sub" rolls for Banh Mi's. Go out and get some and put them in the freezer. If you're not in the area then try your local Asian grocery store. You can also use the rolls for the steak banh mi that I made in the past. Oh, and don't forget to toast them!

Mayo Mixture for Shrimp Banh Mi
6.) The recipe says to spread the mayo mixture on the bottom of each baguette. I think the sandwich would be way too dry if you don't put it on both halves (as well as on the shrimp if you'd like). Plus, it's so tasty that you'll want to use a lot of it.

Shrimp Banh Mi


Stephanie said...

That looks totally devourable! Thanks for introducing me to a new food site - never knew they existed before!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic! I will definitely be trying this ... your pics look great, too!

Dianka said...


Yum!! This looks sooo good. I see Eat Well on mag stands but never looked in one, I will definitely have to now!

WasabiDoobie said...

Super idea on this typically high calorie sandwich. I have since made some home made pseudo mayo using yogurt as the base. It's super on all kinds of sanwiches!