Friday, August 22, 2008

Food vacation

I haven't written in ages. My two jobs and 2-year old boy (and newly re-started singing) has kept me so busy that sometimes my head shakes in anticipation of an eruption, much like that of a volcano.

One of the main reasons I don't post as much anymore is because I have moved to an extremely expensive area (Santa Barbara county) and I can rarely afford to go anywhere to eat and I'm so busy I don't cook as often. There are a few places I would like to post about once I have photos: American Flatbread (probably one of the best restaurants in SB county); Yanagi Sushi (new in Santa Maria), Chef Rick's (one of the best chefs in the county), Suvan's Kitchen in Lompoc, China Pavillion in Santa Barbara and Montecito, and a few others.

Now, if you ask me about local wine I can tell you stories. Pretty much all I drink now is local wine. Working with winemakers is a fantastic job. Most of them have past lives unrelated to wine and they all followed their passion.

The reason I'm currently online is that I was searching the corners of the web for dim sum reviews for LA. During the short time I lived in LA I didn't have any foodie friends (fortunately I have a ton of foodie friends now who truly understand) so I never went to dim sum. Then I moved to San Diego and dragged my husband to Pearl and a few others. Pearl had excellent dim sum and a great pond out back. We also made it to San Francisco and ate at a delicious all-Chinese dim sum restaurant where I sat next to two 100-year old Chinese men and the servers spoke little to no English (my kind of place...we speak a common!).

After several hours of research I have finally decided to try Elite dim sum in Monterey Park because other food bloggers took some great photos that have me salivating as I write.

If anyone disagrees with my choice please speak up quickly! I leave Sunday early morning. If all goes as planned, we will go to dim sum, go to Ranch 99 to stock up, go to a concert that night, grab some Sichuan food (depending on when the concert is over) or go to a late-night Thai restaurant, and head to the Westin Bonaventure (gotta love Priceline) where I can think about Monday's meals.

On Monday we'll have to choose between many of my favorites: Home (in Los Feliz right by where I used to live), Doughboys (near my friend's house not far from the Beverly Center), Porto's (for pastries in Glendale), and a few new places I've been wanting to try. No trips to Spago for me, thanks. I'm a working gal who eats at restaurants with working-class prices.

I have been wanting to try that macroon place in Beverly Hills, I think it is. Is it still there? LA eateries seem to come and go so quickly. Another place on my list is Breadbar. Two of my favorite words.

So, friends, if anyone in LA (or nearby) happens to fall upon this post in the next day, please send me your thoughts. Please, be nice. I know I'm a piggie and it might be a tad on the unhealthy side to eat my way through LA, but I know some of you understand.

Hopefully I will remember to bring my camera. If not, I will try to post anyway.

Wish me luck!


The Food Librarian said...

I hope you have a great YUMMY visit to Los Angeles! I think going to Elite will be a lot of yum. Jonathan Gold highly recommends it. Here are some other thoughts...(by the way, I'm not a big "foodie" (I mean, I love food and will drive 100 miles for a donut, but I can't really write essays about it all on Chowhound, etc. - know what I mean?)...

Loteria - Have you been to their stand in the Farmer's Market (Fairfax/3rd)? They now have a new restaurant in Hollywood that looks good. I haven't been yet.

R23 - Since you're staying downtown, Little Tokyo isn't far. If you like sushi, this place is great (prices better at lunch).

Have a great time! All your selections sound soooo yum! Don't worry if you don't hit them all, we are only a few hours away! :)

Leo said...

My dad (the dim sum aficionado) frequents this place:

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant
3939 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 288-3939‎

KirkK said...

Hey Kady - I'm just did Elite tuen out?

The Food Librarian said...

How was your trip to LA? I'm interested in hearing where you went and if what you thought of Elite.

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