Saturday, September 01, 2007


Sadly, it has been months since I have written. I have realized that it is very difficult to maintain a blog while taking care of a rambunctious [now] eight-month old boy.

Currently I am listening to my inner dialogue (between myself and myself) and trying to decide whether or not I should continue to blog. If I do continue, should I narrow my focus? That will soon be determined, my friends.

In addition to raising a child, I have had a lot of changes in my life lately. My husband and I are in the process of moving to Santa Barbara County (to the wine country, 40 minutes north of Santa Barbara) and I am studying viticulture/enology at Alan Hancock College (one cannot have too many degrees, I say). My goal is to get a degree in wine marketing and sales by the summer (with an internship this spring). I'll let you know how it goes.

I am finding that life in Santa Barbara's wine country is not easy for a city-girl like me. It's one of the most beautiful places in the country but a big culture-shock to a girl who can't imagine life without dim sum and traditional (especially Sichuan) Chinese cuisine. Fortunately they have some Thai, sushi, and one good Chinese restaurant (that I'm aware of so-far) but it's not enough for an Asian-cuisine obsessed foodie such as myself. I'm hoping there is a Pho place up there somewhere. Recently my husband and I have frequented Mr. Pho in Oceanside and can't imagine not being able to get cheap flavorful Vietnamese eats on a regular basis (and at 9pm when we realize we've almost missed dinner!).

Perhaps one day I can still write those posts about new restaurants I've found in the North County, San Diego area.

Stay tuned for possible (as I have not decided if I want to re-commit myself to the food blog world) adventures in Santa Barbara's wine country.


KirkK said...

Hi Kady - Whatever you decided, I wish you the best. You sound like you have a very full plate! Good luck in the move.

Anonymous said...

8 months old! good grief, time does fly.

i hope you'll keep writing, at least periodically. if not for everyone out in blog-land, at least for yourself.


Alice Q. said...

Hi Kady - we're actually going up there in a couple of weeks - any recommendations? I'd suggest getting together, but we're basically driving through in one afternoon. We're doing two nights in SB, and driving through there on our way up to SLO, then to Big Sur.

Your plan sounds great, and I'm sure you'll settle into life up there beautifully. Good luck and I'll keep checking in and hoping for more posts! :-) Cheers!