Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Plate of Festivals
You thought I was going to write a post about local festivals, didn't you? Well, I'm actually referring to the Jamaican fry bread called festivals. What a great name. I can definitely see this "bread" at a street fair or festival. These fried delights are light, crispy, and the perfect snack. I made them alongside jerk chicken and tostones for dinner. They would be great for a party or as an appetizer.

The recipe I used is from Steve Raichlen's The Barbecue Bible. Even though I accidently forgot the sugar in the recipe (3 T.) they turned out great. I suppose I would describe these as being similar to a churro. If you dust them with sugar and cinnamon they would make a nice dessert.

Close up on Festivals

They look a bit like chicken nuggets but I promise you there is no chicken inside. Just a lot of fried goodness.


jef said...

I still can't help thinking that they look just like chicken fingers. I like fried doughs though, I bet I'd like these. I bet these would be good with a dipping sauce, eh? :)

Gourmetish said...

You're right, these are great with powdered sugar and cinnamon or with a spicy sauce.

Dianka said...

Hi Kady!
How are you? How is your baby? I've been thinking baout you! Life has been so busy but I'm trying to catch up with blogging. are you still in SD? Hubbie and I are moving to OC in June, he's about to leave for Guam in a couple weeks and then comes home in June and is done for good! Thank goodness. Update me when you get a chance! Hope you are well!