Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spiced Shrimp and Clementine Salsa

Now is the time to buy a box of clementines before they go out of season and before the price of citrus sky-rockets. If your clementines are getting old and you need to use them up, why not make a meal out of them? This recipe for spiced shrimp and clementine salsa is light and satisfying. It's a great way to get use out of all of those spices in your spice rack that you haven't touched in a while.

I added some olive oil to my bag of spiced shrimp before grilling them. Also, I didn't follow the salsa amounts exactly since I was only making enough for my husband and I. So I eyeballed the measurements. As far as I could tell from the recipe they wanted you to have whole sections of the clementines in the salsa. That would make the salsa too dry and chunky in my opinion so I essentially supremed my clementines. Instead of using a knife I just used my hands to peel off the skin and I separated the flesh with my fingers. When I tasted the final salsa it was a little sour for my taste so I added a little sugar. The final product was delicious and the shrimp would work well with many salsas, sauces, and side dishes. I served the meal with an orzo salad but couscous would go really well with the shrimp.


KirkK said...

Hi Kady - Wow, I give you major kudo's for cooking and baking so much...since I know you've got your handful right now...in a very good way!

The Humble Housewife said...

This looks phenomenal! Have just spent some time looking at your blog and love it! Have some wonderful ideas! Will be adding a link ASAP.