Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oceanside Harbor Days

Oceanside Harbor
I had no idea that Oceanside had such a cute harbor. It's hidden from view of the highway and is the perfect place for a picnic by the water. Today was my first day walking around the harbor so I'm not sure what it's normally like but it was fairly crowded for Oceanside's annual Harbor Days.

It was absolutely gorgeous today with a beautiful breeze. Parking is a bit difficult depending on what time you arrive but they seem to have shuttle buses that leave from a parking lot by the harbor (near the car show). We managed to catch a spot on the side of the harbor not too far from the fair.

This is a smaller fair than Oceanside's Fourth of July celebration, there were many vendors and a row of food vendors in addition to the already existing restaurants, shops, and cafes by the harbor. I can't resist a good sausage so we bought a spicy sausage (I believe there was only one sausage vendor there) since they are huge and great for splitting.

Spicy Grilled Sausage

There is also a vendor that sells good freshly squeezed raspberry lemonade for $3. A much better deal than the $5 lemonade-type drinks being sold by other vendors. Like always, I had to get a funnel cake with powdered sugar. It's one of those things I usually only eat once every 3-5 years so it's unusual that I've had 2 this year so far.

Japanese Taiko Drumming In case you were wondering about entertainment, there is a stage for performers not far from the row of restaurants and shops. This afternoon we saw a Japanese Taiko Drum Performance. To check out the Harbor Days schedule click here.

If you're in the area I recommend stopping by. There's a lot to see and it's very relaxing to walk around the harbor. Hopefully tomorrow is as beautiful as it was today.

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