Monday, July 24, 2006

Zinc Cafe

My first visit to Solana Beach occured this past Friday when I met Rorie (from Milk and Honey) for lunch. We met up at the Zinc Cafe which is an quaint cafe nestled in between boutiques on S. Cedros Ave.

The Cafe has mostly outdoor seating underneath shady trees and vines. We sat indoors right next to a wide open window. Fortunately the cafe is close enough to the beach to be cool enough to bear this usually unbearable San Diego heat.

view from Zinc Cafe window

I ordered their homemade lemonade (with a mint sprig and slice of ginger in it) which really helps refresh you on these hot days. They also have a container of cold water on the counter which I find extremely convenient since I can't get enough water lately and there are no waiters so you don't have to ask for water; it's right on the counter.

Rorie ordered a toasted brie sandwich that looked delicious and I couldn't help but order my favorite type of sandwich: buffalo mozzerella caprese sandwich. Normally I like mine heated but with the outside temperature I opted for the sandwich as-is which turned out perfectly light and satisfying.

We ordered a brownie and lemon cheesecake to share and if it weren't for the heat I would have gobbled them up. I love a good moist brownie. Their brownie was moist without being too heavy and rich. The cheesecake was light and lemony but not quite as satisfying (unless cheesecake is your favorite dessert). I brought home the leftover cheesecake to my husband who was happy to indulge.

One of my pet peeves about California restaurants is the pricing. Most California cafes are way overpriced and leave a lot to be desired. I thought the Zinc Cafe was much closer to a reasonable price (there are no sides and the plates aren't overflowing but everything seems to be appropriate for their prices) and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I felt like I was sitting in Rorie's garden rather than a crowded cafe (which it appears to be since it's one of the few restaurants on the block).

I'm very sad to say that I won't be able to meet Rorie there again since she's moving far away to New England but I'm hoping she'll keep posting and of course keep in touch. It's always a shame to make friends right before someone has to move (that keeps happening to me!). That's the life of a travelling gourmand, I suppose. Haha....I'm only joking. I've just moved around a lot. You know what? I probably will continue to do so. There's just so much good food in the world. Someone's got to try it all!

Zinc Cafe, 132 S. Cedros, Solana Beach, CA 92065....858/793-5436


Rorie said...

I had fun, too. And I'm so glad you enjoyed Zinc Cafe - its one of my fave SD eateries. We went back on Sunday for brownies after spending the day at the beach with the dogs and were delighted to find out that all the sandwiches and baked goods are 50% off after four (they close at five) .....

Alice Q said...

I looove that place! If I lived nearby, I'd be there every afternoon for one of their brownies or chocolate cookies, so it's a good thing I am half an hour away! I love their egg salad sandwich, and the veg and caprese are good too. Sometimes the service is a little snotty, but it's worth putting up with it for the atmosphere and the food. The Laguna Beach one also has a little market with cute stuff.