Friday, July 14, 2006


Five Things in My Freezer:
1. Pine Nuts (they last longer)
2. Red, White, and Blue Rocket popsicles (a favorite from childhood and a random pregnancy craving)
3. Lots of ice packs
4. A Pork Loin
5. Bread (it goes bad if I leave it out more than 2 days)
Five Things in My (hall) Closet:
1. An air popcorn popper that's older than me
2. Board games that are too long to fit in my living room game cabinet
3. A large Lemonade/drink Jar (that makes a LOT of ice tea)
4. A filing cabinet
5. My pasta machine

Board Games

Five Things in My Car:

1. A travel pillow
2. A non-digital camera
3. A mini-first aid kit
4. A beach towel
5. Aloe Vera Gel (in case I get burned. I should really keep sunblock in there instead!)

Five Things in My Purse:

This is extremely hard as my husband often compares my purse to a duffle bag.

1. Scharffen Berger Lip Balm (I bought it in the Ferry Building in San Fran)
2. A small container of Lactaid pills (darn lactose intolerance)
3. My medicine/bathroom cabinet (you think I'm joking!)
4. My digital camera or at least my camera cell phone
5. A pen and a small pad of paper (this is a necessity).

Scharffen Berger Lip Balm
Tag goes to whomever likes to do memes.

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Justin Scribner said...

I will play any of those board games with you anytime! And I will teach your little guy how to beat you both.