Friday, June 02, 2006

Tomatoes Stuffed with Shrimp Salad

Summer is upon us and it's time to start making those light summer salads. My favorite shrimp salad is from Eating Well's June/July 2005 issue all about shrimp. This tasty salad is perfect for picnics, potluck, and leftovers. I think it tastes even better when you stuff it inside tomatoes.

Click here for the recipe.

Shrimp Salad-Stuffed Tomatoes
Note: When I made this for dinner the other night I was extremely upset to find out that the pound-and-a-half of shrimp that I had bought was smelly! I know, I should have asked to smell it first but it was cheap and looked fine. I was sure that I would have to throw it out but after boiling the shrimp for a few minutes I peeled and chopped them up and quickly stir-fried them in my wok with a tiny amount of minced garlic. This instantly got rid of the shrimpy smell and worked out perfectly in the shrimp salad.

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