Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carlsbad Farmer's Market

I'm in such a bad mood. My digital camera all of a sudden decides that the memory card is broken so I can't take pictures unless I find/buy a new memory card. Argh! That really makes me mad since I have so many dishes I want to make but won't unless I have a camera to prove that I really did make it!

Anyway, I did take pictures of my farmer's market finds last Wednesday before the memory card died that night.


The Carlsbad farmer's market is from 2-5pm on Roosevelt St. between Grand and Carlsbad Village Dr. They have a nice selection of plants, produce, food-to-go, and baked goods. It's a small market and some booths were pricey but I was still able to get a few items for cheap.

My first find was a bouquet of 5 red sunflowers. They were only $3 for the bunch! We're pretty sure these sunflowers don't come naturally tinged with red but I don't mind--they're so bright, sunny, and uplifting.

Red Sunflowers
One of the first items I noticed on my walk around the market was a tray of squash blossoms. I've never tried these but have been intrigued by them ever since Rorie brought them to my attention. The woman selling the blossoms suggested I just buy a few to try them out and either cook them that night or put them in an airtight container with a damp paper towel until the next day (I did the latter). For my next post I'll let you know what I did with those 3 squash blossoms ($1).
Squash Blossoms
My last purchase was from the Peach and Apricot stand around the corner. I've been craving sweet peaches lately and they had both yellow and white peaches to choose from. They also had a fruit I had never heard of called Plumcots. Apparently, the plums and apricots naturally cross-bred and produced a variation of the two fruits which they call plumcots. The plumcot has the same juicy texture as a plum but an extra sweetness like the apricot. Normally I don't like apricots but these plumcots were even better than the average plum. They come in yellow, purple, and red. The yellow are the sweetest. If they have these the next time I go I might make a plum tart with the plumcots. Although I probably like them in their natural state the best.

Plumcots and Peaches
I was happy enough with my purchases that I will be back often to see what other surprises the farmer's market has in the future.


Rorie said...

Oh, those plumcots look absolutely luscious! Let me know what you come up with for the squash blossoms - we just had them for dinner alongside a Caprese salad! Isn't this heat dreadful?

Dianka said...

Hi Kady!

Sounds like a great Farmer's Market. It's so funny because if I were to pick out 3 things at a Farmer's Market it would be exactly those 3 items you picked! All my favorites =) So sorry about your camera.. those stupid cards are so expensive too. Hope you find it somewhere.

jenjen said...

Oh I love Farmers Markets too, they always have interesting produce. And those squash blossoms look heavenly.