Friday, March 24, 2006

Pseudo Panini Press

Well, I'm off to Santa Barbara for a long weekend so I won't be posting until mid-next week. Hopefully I'll have some good eats to share with you.

Before I go..I have to share my new find with you. The other week I found a cast iron grill press that fits perfectly in a round pan for frying bacon or smushing a sandwich into a panini.

grill press

grill press

The press didn't work quite as well as I had hoped but I only spent $7 for it at Marshalls and I think it will prove to be versatile. Here is a turkey panini sandwich (turkey, avacado, Bavarian swiss cheese, roasted garlic, and sweet honey mustard) that I made yesterday with the grill press:

Turkey, Avacado and Swiss Panini

Have a great weekend!


Rorie said...

Such fun! I found a Le Creuset Dutch oven at Marshall's once - love that place.

Kirk said...

Have a nice trip Kady - Actually, in some ways the cast iron press is much better then those other presses - for some reason it always tastes better when made in cast iron!

vanessa said...

that is pretty damn cool!
panini contraptions are fun. a friend of mine bought a his little girl, get this, a Hello Kitty panini pan. It burns hello kitty's face on both pieces of bread. I don't know how got a kick out of it more, him or his daughter!