Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tag You're It?

Okay, it took some research to find out what "tag, you're it" means but I think I've figured it out. Thanks to Rorie from Milk and Honey for the 7-meme tag. Let me know if I'm not doing this right!

7 Things to Do Before I Die:

only "7"? This is going to be hard.....

1.) Go to culinary school (preferably somewhere like the C.I.A.).
2.) Start an ecclectic bakery/cafe/store called Kate's Place.
3.) Have kids (at least one boy and one girl).
4.) Travel with my husband around the world.
5.) Buy my parents a house or something extravagent (I owe them that much).
6.) Own a pig, a monkey, a cat, and a dog.
7.) Star in a Broadway play or a Sundance film.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1.) Post my damn picture to the "about me" section of my blog.
2.) I absolutely cannot refrain from over planning my trips.
3.) Miss my favorite tv shows (I must get a DVR!).
4.) Go on a low-carb diet (or any diet for that matter).
5.) Get rid of the ten pairs (at least) of shoes that I never wear.
6.) Understand the inner workings of a car no matter how many times my husband explains it.
7.) Pay full price for anything.

7 Things that Attract Me to Blogging:

1.) Knowing that I'm not the only one obsessed with food and cooking!
2.) Taking pictures of food. I had no idea it was so much fun!
3.) Becoming a nerd--I'm proud of myself every time I learn something new with html.
4.) Meeting new people with similar interests.
5.) Always having something new and interesting to read.
6.) The diary aspect: it's a reference manual on dishes I've made (well, since Dec. '05).
7.) The good kind of pressure that keeps me cooking new things more often.

7 Things I Say Most Often:

1.) "gourmetish": hence the name of my blog.
2.) I love you (Yes, we're mushy in my household. Don't worry, I won't write our pet names.)
3.) My husband's SSN: I've had to deal with WAY to many customer service issues lately.
4.) Argh!
5.) I want a fill in the blank (baby/cat/dog/pig) !
6.) I'm hungry!
7.) We don't have any food in the house! (which is never really true.)

7 Books I Love:

1.) One Hundred Years of Solitude (my favorite)
2.) The Making of a Chef
3.) The Soul of a Chef
4.) Catcher in the Rye
5.) Eat Cake by Jeanne Ray
6.) Cyrano de Bergerac (en Francais)
7.) The Griffin and Sabine series by Nick Bantock

7 Movies/DVDs I Watch Over and Over Again:

I rarely watch movies more than once. These are the movies that I watch over and over but are not neccessarily a reflection on my taste in movies...

1.) The Princess Bride
2.) Sleepless in Seattle
3.) Any Molly Ringwald movie (yes, I'm a product of the 80's)
4.) Finding Nemo (We quote this way too often in my house)
5.) Futurama dvds
6.) My Girl (on tv)
7.) any Doris Day movie

7 Tags:

I'm new to this, so my apologies in advance if any of you don't want to be tagged....

1.) Beth at Zen Foodism
2.) Scott at Firefly Fifty Five
3.) Kirk at mmm-yoso
4.) Lisa at Comfort Food
5.) Angie at Crazy Salad
6.) Annie at Green Beans in Writing
7.) kitchenmage at KitchenMage


Rorie said...

Love your lists especially the Griffin & Sabine mention! Love those books!

Kirk said...

Hi Kady - Wow, this is a tough one. I'll get started soon.

Annie said...

hah! ok, i'll respond to this tag soon...

Gourmetish said...

Yay! I figured out how to post my pic to my "about" page. Now I just need to figure out how to do a LOT of other things to my blog. Guess I should change #1 on my "cannot do" list.

kitchenmage said...

I think you just count yourself as having accomplished one of your seven and congratulations! I'll have to think about these for a few days -- deeper that the usual meme, or maybe it's just late.

lisa--In a Nutshell said...

DVR is a WONDERFUL thing!! You'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Um, Kady, you DO have your picture in your about me section! LOL

Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'....Love that Ellen DeGeneres!