Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pear and Walnut Scones

Note: I've been posting a LOT this week so make sure you scroll down to see what other meals were cookin' in my kitchen.

I've been wanting to make the Sublime Scones from Eating Well's February/March 2005 issue for a while now. They cut back on butter and replaced some of it with reduced fat cream cheese (I admit it, I used regular cream cheese since it's cheap at Trader Joe's). The lower fat recipe that they came up with only has 233 calories, 3g sat. fat, and 3 grams fiber compared to 328 calories, 10g sat. fat, and 2 grams of fiber in the original.

I was disappointed in their height when they came out of the oven. I think they were supposed to rise a bit more. Otherwise, they tasted pretty good (not the best scones I've ever had, though). The pear added a nice moistness to the scone.

A few notes:

1.) When they say to "knead" the dough--don't worry about it too much. It's nearly impossible to need because of the stickiness and texture. I managed to do it but not the same way I would normally knead scones.

2.) Use a pizza slicer to cut the dough into six wedges.

3.) I used a pizza stone (which I always use for biscuits, breads, scones, etc.) and, if you have one, I recommend you use it too. It makes a huge difference. Be sure to preheat your stone.

4.) I found that 15-20 minutes was a better time estimate than 20-30. Then again, I only put six wedges on the pizza stone at a time.




Rorie said...

I did a scone post, too! Great minds think alike! These sound good - I love pears!

lisa--In a Nutshell said...

Sounds really good, Kady! Yay for TJ's!