Friday, January 06, 2006

Fry 'Em Up!

Lately whenever I fry something I use my all-clad skillet. My husband is tired of trying to clean all of the grease off of it so yesterday I decided to buy a cheap deep fryer at Target. Rival was the cheapest at $26 so I decided to go for it. It has different temperatures to choose from (a lot of cheap ones don't), the safety plug, and it's not too big. It looked perfect for the small batch of hot wings I was going to make last night.

I decided to play it safe and cook two wings at a time but I think I could have cooked three or four (the cooking time would have been more like 10 minutes rather than 5). I marinated the wings overnight in hot sauce and a little soy sauce. That makes for a messy fry but I really think it makes a difference in flavor (and color). Then after I fried each batch for about 5 minutes I let them drain on paper bags and covered them with hot sauce before serving.

So hot. So crisp. So good.

The fryer worked out fine. You can't take the oil resevoir out so it's not the easiest thing to clean but I didn't have too much of a problem cleaning it out today. The best part about owning a deep fryer now is the lack of splattered grease all over the stove. I can finally make tempura and wontons without a huge mess. However, there is a huge drawback: the guilt. Now that I have an easy option to fry without the mess, I will always be tempted to make food like hot wings more often.

Ah well. I'll just use my husband as an excuse. He's super skinny and I've been trying to fatten him up for a while. So everytime I make fried food it's really for him (wink, wink).


Beth - Zen Foodism said...

My husband had a deep fryer when we first moved into together... left over from his bachelor days. I made him give it away when we moved into our first house! I have enough problems staying skinny-ish without deep fried food actually in my house!

Have fun with it, though. I'm jealous!

Angie said...

Wow, there must be something in the air. I haven't eaten wings in ages, but yesterday I suddenly had such a strong craving that I bought 3 lbs. of them.

A fryer sounds like a great idea--a lot less mess to clean up. But what do you do with all the oil afterwards?

Gourmetish said...

Usually I have a bottle of veggie oil specifically for frying. If the oil is clean enough to reuse then I use a funnel and put it back in the bottle. In this case the oil was too dirty and I put it in empty water bottles to through away (since you're not supposed to put oil down the drain). Oh, it turns out I can store the oil (if I'm going to reuse it) in the fryer itself. Works out well, huh? I def. recommend the Rival fryer if you want something cheap and small. Enjoy your wings, Angie!

Rorie said...

Cool beans! When summer rolls around I may have to borrow that baby to make some stuffed squash blossoms!

Gourmetish said...

Sure thing, Rorie!