Friday, January 13, 2006

Champagne and Pancakes

I think it's already been agreed upon that breakfast for dinner is the way to go at least once a month. This morning I was craving pancakes but was too tired to make them so I opted to make them for dinner instead. Nothing exciting, just the plain pancakes from Joy of Cooking.

The exciting part comes after dinner: champagne! I've had this almond champagne in my fridge for months (unopened) and tonight seemed like a good time to make mimosas. The champagne is from the Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula and is very sweet and very affordable ($8) if you buy it at Costco instead of at the winery.

While I was visiting Wilson Creek Winery last year I picked up a bottle of their Angelica cream sherry which goes perfectly with the almond champagne. They call it "Nut n' Honey" (or was it "Honey and Nut"?). The cream sherry can also be used in cooking (ex: pies).

I think tomorrow I'll try out a recipe I saw recently for rice pudding with champagne. I'm guessing the almond flavor will work well in rice pudding (but I'm not a fan of pudding so I'll probably have my husband review the final results).


Beth said...

Yum! I love breakfast foods any time of day! And champagne, too. Wow!

Rorie said...

Well, you know how I feel about breakfast for dinner! I love the idea of champagne with pancakes - too cool.