Monday, December 19, 2005

Pickles and Ice Cream

After years of driving my husband, friends, and family crazy with my food obsession I have finally found an outlet for my passion. Food blogging!

It will probably take a while before I figure out how to make my blog look as professional as I would like so please be patient. I'm definitely not technologically inclined. My laptop is mainly used for email, research, and finding recipes online.

Discovering food blogs may be the death of me. I could probably spend hours just reading about the farmgirl's biscotti or the food whore's cranky customers. Lately I've been checking out every food writing book I can find from one of Ruth Reichl's famous memoirs of food and her life to a book called A Meal Observed that appears to be entirely about this one meal in a fancy French restaurant. Now that's passion.

So where do I start? Maybe I should start by letting you know that I am a bit ADD and can jump about from one topic to another with very little warning. Please forgive me if I lose you along the way.

Gourmetish wasn't my first choice in blog names. The first title I thought of that represented me best was Pickles and Ice Cream. Gets your attention, doesn't it? The problem: it sounds like a pregnancy blog.

In reality I looooove pickles and ice cream. I am still the only person I've met who likes pickles and ice cream (fried pickles and ice cream is the best, you used to be able to get them in Richmond, VA at the Galaxy diner) for their pure delicious-ness and not for shock value. My husband is a bit concerned. What am I going to eat when I actually am pregnant?!

To make matters worse: I've found a new variation on pickles and ice cream.

I could say that it happened accidently, much like the onion ring, but I would be lying. A few weeks ago I discovered Breyer's lactose free vanilla ice cream. I'm a bit lactose intolerant and was thrilled to find that it tastes great. It's creamier and softer than regular vanilla ice cream and it doesn't make me [sick] (I'll spare you the details). I was in one of my pseudo-pregnancy moods and was craving the satisfaction of a pickles-and-ice cream flavor combo. On my way to the fridge I passed by a bag of Tim's Wasabi Potato Chips (crunchy, crispy, and oh so good).

Anyway, these chips are so addictive (I don't normally eat junk food) that I immediately started craving them. At first I ate just a spoonful of ice cream and a few chips but eventually realized that I might as well jump right in and put them in the same bowl. In a way it's like chips and dip. Only the dip is made of vanilla ice cream and the chips are anything but ordinary.

If you have pregnancy-like cravings as well (or hey, maybe if you are pregnant) I definitely recommend this combination. Your friends might think you're crazy but you'll get my gourmetish seal of approval. Afterall, you can't deny that it is gourmetish to eat wasabi potato chips and all-natural vanilla ice cream. It would be even more gourmetish if you were to make your own homemade ice cream. I don't recommend making your own wasabi potato chips because there is no way they would be as good as Tim's. (Thanks, Tim).

With that said (that being my riveting comment on wasabi chips and ice cream), I'm off to bed. I actually just got my wisdom teeth out on Friday and haven't been able to enjoy any crunchy goodness all weekend. Hopefully by Christmas my jaw will be ready for anything. My plan as of right now is to spend all week baking cookies so my mouth better get ready for all kinds of Christmas cookies.

You know what I just realized? There is a lot of pressure involved with writing a food blog. If I say I'm going to bake cookies all week--I better bake cookies, huh? You'll probably want proof too, won't you? Oh, you.

Well, goodnight. I'm off to sleep with visions of snickerdoodles dancing in my head.


Beth - Zen Foodism said...

Welcome to food blogging, Kady! Your blog looks great and I can't wait to see what you cook and eat and share with us! It's wonderful to have another San Diego food blogger around!

Matt said...

Yayy! Kady is posting! I'm so proud of you. The place looks great.

It looks like your love of food has driven you to develop your inner nerd and learn to code HTML.


crazysalad said...


Congratulations on the new site! Welcome to the world of food blogging. It's great to see another San Diegan here.

Don't worry too much about the technical stuff. We're all just figuring it out as we go along. And yes, blogging is just as obsessive as you fear...